What is a Section

Section E-16 is composed of four lodges spanning from Binghamton, NY all the way through Vermont!

An Order of the Arrow Section consists of lodges within a geographic area of the region. Once every year, representatives of lodges in the section come together for a conclave to share in fellowship, skills, and training. In addition, the section creates a monitoring, and mentoring relationship with its lodges, provides leadership development opportunities, fosters understanding and adherence to national Order of the Arrow policies and procedures, and coordinates the Order of the Arrow's administrative and program functions. A section is led by three elected youth officers, the section chief, section vice chief, and section secretary, who are advised by an adult section adviser and a professional section staff adviser.

Each year the fourty-five elected Section Chiefs are invited to a "National Planning Meeting" in Dallas, TX. The section chiefs form the conference committee for a National Order of the Arrow event, such as the National Order of the Arrow Conference, or the National Council of Chiefs, which are both held under the guidance of the National Order of the Arrow Committee.

Past National & Regional Officers

E-16 is proud to boast many past national and regional officers from its member lodges. The following Arrowmen have been elected to a national or regional office: