Section Advisers

Section Adviser: Harrison Francett

Harrison is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor, and Founder's Award recipient of Kittan Lodge. He has previously served as Associate Section Adviser, Lodge Adviser and Associate Lodge Adviser. As a youth he served in several positions for multiple terms including Lodge Chief and Chapter Chief. Outside of Scouting he is a mechanical engineer who enjoys kayaking, carpentry, and flying Delta Jets.

Associate Section Adviser: Marc Poulin

Marc is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Ajapeu Lodge, where he has served as an Associate Lodge Adviser (Ordeals) and Lodge Adviser. Marc also serves on the Council Training staff, receiving the District Award of Merit, Founders Award, and the Silver Beaver. He currently is employed by the State of Vermont as a Lieutenant with the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, as the elected High Bailiff in Washington County, and has a bit of a LEGO obsession.

Associate Section Adviser: Kent Boatman