Section Advisers

Section Adviser: Marc Poulin

Marc is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Ajapeu Lodge, where he has served as an Associate Lodge Adviser (Ordeals) and Lodge Adviser, and continues as the Vigil Adviser. Marc serves on the Green Mountain Council Training staff and Board of Directors, receiving the District Award of Merit, Founders Award, and the Silver Beaver. Marc is a past NYLT Director and currently serves as the director of security for national Order of the Arrow events. He currently is employed as the elected Sheriff in Washington County Vermont, and has a bit of a LEGO obsession. 

Associate Section Adviser: Kent Boatman

Pic and bio coming soon!

Associate Section Adviser: Matt Slimowicz

Matt is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor Member and a recipient of the Founders Award of Otahnagon Lodge where he has served as an Associate Lodge Adviser and Lodge Adviser over the years. As a youth he also served several elected lodge offices and as NE3B Secretary and Vice Chief, but was never a chief. He also served as the Conclave Adviser to both the 2019 NE-3B and 2023 E16 Conclave. Outside of Scouting Matt has a Bachelors in Business from SUNY Oswego where he is also obtaining his MBA and is currently employed as a Production Control Support Specialist at Lockheed Martin. Matt also enjoys LEGO and trains and is the cat dad to three; Kendra, Greyson and Sweet Pea.